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Mission Statement


Our resolution is to live according to the will of God, to serve our community, teach the Bible and to promote the Word of God within our sphere of our influence.


  1. To transfer more from a meeting centered agenda to a more proactive participation.
  2. Pastors On Patrol will utilize the resources within our membership and Strategic Partners as well as bring in other experts on various issues to educate and prepare us for discussion and strategizing to address the need of our community
  3. Incorporate more Evangelism and prayer for one another including visiting one another's churches to strengthen and hold up one another's arms in ministering to those who are searching for a better way of life.
  4. Preserve a continuing dialogue with our city officials and city agencies and strengthening our city liaison connection.
  5. Rally our parishioners for marches, prayer vigils and united action that will keep unity in our community.
  6. Establish a crisis prayer line, become our brother's keeper in spiritual and practical ways.
  7. Do The Will Of God

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